Tips & Tricks

You know when you think back to when you were younger and still in school, hope you would have done certain things differently?  Well, one of those for me is not focusing more on coding.  My years in school were very helpful, probably more helpful for my career than I thought at the time.  DePaul University was my key to enter the working world of technology.  When you hear others say that school “just scratches the surface” of what is to come in your working world, well, they were all right.

Coding was just that for me, I just scratched the surface of what could be.  Unfortunately, part of my curriculum involved exposure to many different technologies (C#, HTML, PHP, Java) but these languages were learned in such a vacuum that once you left the class, unless pursued independently and with more intent, they got lost like Spanish or French you learned in high school.

Almost a decade since I “scratched the surface” with these languages, and years of experience working with development teams as an application Product Manager, I realized that understanding how these languages work is very important.  Hardware technology advances at an astronomical rate and our devices are becoming smaller and more powerful than your computer was when you were in school.  But hardware is just that, hardware.  If you don’t have the software to utilize that hardware it just becomes a pretty shiny paperweight.

So, to do my job better, I am going to focus on learning how to create modern websites, a few mobile apps, and eventually programs that do something important.  Not sure what they will be, but I will start small and work my way up.  My hope is to document my learning journey by sharing tips and tricks I will encounter through the process.  I hope they will be useful to you, even though sometimes they might look simple.  When learning, having support in all shapes and forms can make or break the learning process.  I hope the information I will provide will help in some shape or form.